All the workshops will be in Mixed mode: Face-to-face and Online. There will be workshops in Dutch and Spanish. Below you will find information about it.


Introductory workshop on systemic constellations

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Taller de constelaciones sistémicas

This workshop is for you, yes …

What will you get from this workshop?

Increased awareness of your energy and how to use it
How to connect more with yourself
Knowledge of the dynamics that may be affecting you at the moment
Get in touch with these tools that will broaden the perspective of your current situation
Know how Family Constellations work
Start the path to more inner freedom and joy of living
Get an enriching experience of transformative sensations

Observe the root of your situation and widen your gaze.

What will you get from this workshop?

Health topics: diseases or symptoms. If you have already tried several routes, but you still have the disease, with the discomfort or the symptoms, we advise you to see the family intricacies. Through the constellations you can observe the origin of the situation.
Work, economic or material-related issues.
Blockages in different areas of your life such as your partner, work, family, friends, children.
Fears, addictions or some trauma that you want to overcome.