Laura Kasares

Purpose Guide

Kasares is the conjunction of my two last names (Casares Kramer). It is my essence; it is where I come from and where I am going. It is my Kasa. This reflection, which at first glance may seem very simple, is the result of a lot of internal work.

Until now, I thought the answer to this question was on the outside. As a child, I thought that I should put a lot of effort into studying, getting a good job and creating a family, which I did. In fact, not only did I complete a university degree, but two: Communication Science and Business Science. I started working in the world of large companies and multinationals. I was climbing up positions over the years, from professional to manager and director. I travelled through many countries for work and on a private level. I have had the great opportunity to meet many cultures and diverse people along these journeys. At 18, I went to study in the Netherlands. When I was 23 years old, I made my first trip as a buyer to negotiate a deal in Hong Kong. With all this, I have had the great opportunity to meet many cultures and diverse people. I have worked for 20 years in the business world in the area of Purchasing and Supply Chain. With this professional career, I have been able to develop my natural talent as manager, strategist, negotiator and connector of people. I have experienced many changes both personally and professionally, changes that tested my resilience and adaptability. Therefore, I know the internal mechanisms of the departments, projects and teams, in a national, multinational and multicultural level. I believe in continuous improvements and in collaboration with all stakeholders, internal and external. Organizations today must listen to the internal voice of their employees very well, also the one of their customers, suppliers and collaborators. Creating the right culture, attracting and retaining talent to set the course, will be in my view, the key points in the coming years.

This experience and external trajectory did not offer me the solutions to the feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness that I experienced a few years ago. That´s where my search for purpose began, because I had the need to understand where I was going, to understand what real meaning my life had and that´s why I left my comfort zone.

My internal compass tells me that we are living in a time of change beyond VUCA and that we need to generate change from within, from our KASA, our talents and strengths. We are the engine of change.

I have decided to retrain myself and enrich myself with cutting-edge and transformative tools order to support effectively all these challenges that we are experiencing and accompany you to find your purpose and manage to live fully.

My VISION is about us, human beings, heading towards a time with much more awareness and coherence. Inner development is going to be essential to place our innate talents on the market in an authentic and consistent way. The organizations that will survive are those supported by their human potential and live their purpose in a real and sustainable way.