Workshop Systemic Constellation

Observe the root of your situation and widen your view.

Family Constellations are a very good tool that can help you both personally and professionally. Here are some examples of the areas where it can help you:

–  Health issues: diseases or symptoms. If you have already tried several routes, but you continue with the disease, with the discomfort or symptoms, we advise you to see the family intricacies. Through the constellation you can observe the origin of the situation.

– Work, economic or material-related issues.

– Blocks in different areas of your life such as your partner, work, family, friends, children.

– Fears, addictions or any trauma that you want to overcome.

Through the Family Constellations you receive new information regarding the situation you want to deal with and this helps you to broaden your view. This technique differs from others by its speed, both in seeing the origin of the problem, and in the fact that the person notices the effects of the constellation in his life most of the times very soon.

In any case, this is not a cure and the results of benefits may differ from your expectations. Our body knows what is good for us, but often our mind thinks differently about it.


  • At the beginning of the workshop, information on systemic work will be given and the participants will be guided gradually so that everyone feels safe, comfortable and open to participate in this workshop.
  • You can choose to participate as a client and that means that you want to solve a question and that we will make a constellation on your topic. To do this, first you will contact me to expose your situation that will be dealt with during a constellation. During the constellation the privacy of each person is highly respected and it is not necessary for the group to obtain the information on the subject.
  • As a representative you will participate to represent the role when you are chosen. Representatives also benefit from the roles played in the constellations.
  • You can participate whether you have experience or not. If you’ve never participated in a constellation, you can start with my initiation workshop first or attend the constellation as a representative.
  • Within a workshop we will do 3 to 4 constellations.

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