Workshop Initiation to Systemic Constellations

In this article I am glad to present you the new workshops that I will be holding until the end of 2020.

After the great success of the first Systemic Constellations Initiation workshop, I have decided to plan more introductory workshops to Systemic Constellations.

All the workshops will be Mixed mode: Face-to-face and Online. There will be workshops in Dutch and in Spanish.

Due to the current situation, I believe that we all have to adapt and be able to continue moving forward in the current circumstances. Today it is difficult to plan for everyone and that is why I will try to offer you maximum flexibility, respecting the comfort and professionalism that this inner personal process requires.

Here below you will find the information about it and shortly it will be announced continuously on the website.


This workshop is for you if …

You want to have a first contact with subtle energy (or inner power), the philosophy of systemic work and family constellations. This workshop is aimed at anyone, both personally and professionally, to expand awareness and broaden their perspective regarding conflicts, obstacles and blockages.

What will you obtain at this workshop?

– Increased awareness of your energy and how to use it

– How to connect more with yourself

– Knowledge of the dynamics that may be affecting you at this moment

– Get in touch with tools that will broaden the perspective of your current situation

– Know how Family Constellations work

– Start the path to more inner freedom and joy of living

– Get an enriching experience with transformative sensations

Through the Family Constellations we receive new information regarding the situation we want to deal with and this helps us to broaden our view. This technique differs from others by its speed, both in seeing the origin of the problem, and in the fact that the person notices the effects of the constellation in his life, after performing it.

This workshop is divided into three modules:

1. Contact with subtile energy

Here you will have a first contact with your internal energy and how your subtle energy system works.

You will learn to:

– Notice the energy of your physical body in a practical way

– Begin to interpret the signals of your physical, emotional and mental body

– What are the different energy bodies and what is their relationship?

– We will carry out practical and simple exercises that can help you in your day to day life.

2. Systemic Philosophy

In the first module we have discussed your individual energy and now we will see how you are part of different systems.

– Brief introduction to systemic theory.

– Systemic exercises where you will observe, among others, your position in the system and some of your dynamics.

3. Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellation is the tool that helps you to observe the systemic environment.

– You can choose to be a client (optional) and observe the origin of your situation with a specific question that you would like to address.

– You can also participate as a representative.

– You will be able to observe how a constellation works in a safe and professional way.

– We will do enough exercises so that all participants get enough contact with the tool.

I encourage you to try this experience that will be enrich many aspects of your life.

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