Purpose: direct your life in the sense you want

Talking about Purpose is, in my opinion, the process of discovering the meaning of your life, the direction you want to take. The why and for what you do what you do. It is what you feel inside, it is that internal flame that makes you get up every day, the one that gives meaning to your life and it is born from the heart. Its energy is very powerful and you can decide to keep it for yourself, but if you share it and offer it to your environment, humanity and the planet, you will shine with all your potential. Your purpose is the movie of your life, not what others expect or have thought for you, but what you have come to contribute to this life in a unique way, with the totality of your gifts and the capacity of your talents.

If I think about everything that I am passionate about, without doubt, the mountain occupies a very special place, so that is why, I like to use the Himalayas as an example of purpose. Surely many of the people in your life or work environment will not understand it, and maybe you will even feel judged, but you know that this is your purpose, even if you don’t; dare to do it.Purpose guides you and takes you to action in a more focused way, giving you mental and emotional clarity. It is also the lighthouse that lights you up in moments of darkness, when everything is uncertain and undefined. Whatever happens, you carry the lighthouse inside you, it doesn’t come from outside. It arises from the deepest and most intimate part of your whole being. And you will take more or it will take less, but the direction is fixed and although multiple obstacles appear that obscure or delay the way, you know where you are going. You have a sense.

At this point, you should try navigating the always complex questions of How do you discover your purpose if you don’t know it yet? What can you do to discover your purpose?
In my opinion, an essential step in discovering your purpose is discovering yourself, your essence, what I call your KASA.
Your Kasa is formed by the conjunction of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, which in turn contain your abilities, your personality traits and your self-management or psyche. To discover your purpose it is essential that you connect with all these resources.
You are unique and your nature is made to achieve your purpose. It often happens that due to the environment and situations that we have been encountering and facing in life, we have been covering the essence and we have been moving away from it. And that is why we can feel lost and we no longer have contact with our purpose.
If your purpose is to go up to the Himalayas, you must be Conscious first. Aware, among other factors, if your body is going to bear it; if you are emotionally prepared or if you really have enough motivation to go after your purpose. The goal should be to make this experience fill your spirit.

Knowing yourself also implies knowing your origins, your environment. Remember: to know where you are going you must know where you are coming from. This part of self-knowledge requires an in-depth analysis of everything in your life, what shapes your being: what for me is the backpack and the tools you want to take on the journey to the Himalayas. Here are all your values, your limitations, your beliefs, patterns, experiences, cultural and social aspects, family inheritances, etc.
When you are clear about your destination, you will look carefully at what you are carrying in your current backpack and then evaluate whether it is necessary to carry everything or if you need other tools that you do not currently have to undertake the trip. Therefore, the purpose is that sense that helps you make more focused decisions.
The only thing that really exists is the Now, the present. Therefore, it is not necessary to take the purpose as a goal or an objective, but as that passion and direction that move you. The most important thing is the step you are taking right now that will bring you closer to or further from your purpose. Only in the presence state will you be able to listen to your internal compass, which is the one that shows you the way to your purpose.
For all this, discovering your purpose and living it is a journey of transformation, it is the
journey of your life, the journey to your KASA.


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