The trip to your house


Kasares is the conjunction of my two last names (Casares Kramer). It is my essence; it is where I come from and where I am going. It is my Kasa.

This reflection, which at first glance may seem very simple, is the result of a lot of internal work.

Until now, I thought the answer to this question was on the outside. As a child, I thought that I should put a lot of effort into studying, getting a good job and creating a family, which I did. In fact, not only did I complete a university degree, but two.

I started working in the world of large companies and multinationals. I was climbing up positions over the years, from professional to manager and director. I travelled through many countries for work and on a private level. I have had the great opportunity to meet many cultures and diverse people along these journeys.

Throughout my career, I went through many obstacles, but I managed to overcome them, and eventually, I met my goals.

Everything I achieved and went through was, in my opinion, the purpose of my life, and when I reached the top, what I felt was a huge emptiness. In that void, too, I felt guilty. I could not complain I was actually a privileged person, but many questions arose inside of me: what is the purpose? Why have I come here? What’s more, am I really doing and living my purpose?


This whole situation revolved around a deadlock, until the summer of 2018 arrived. A few months before that summer, I began to notice that I could not take it anymore, I was not feeling well, I felt fatigued and everything weighed heavily on me.

On a physical level, I began to have some various discomforts and I even was on a medical leave for a few days. On a mental level, I was very loaded and felt a lot of pressure. It was right then when my partner suggested that I could go to a coach to talk about what was happening to me. I accepted, because the truth is that I did not understand anything that was going on with me at that point, I had overcome difficult situations before, but what was happening to me, no idea.

I already had a sense of relief in the first session, that coach someone who understood me and who could guide me. She also told me that I was about to suffer a burnout and that I had to take it seriously if I didn’t really want to plummet so I had to force my body to stop.

A couple of weeks later, we were going on vacation to Indonesia. As soon as we arrived, we contacted local people who told us about their culture and traditions, and by chance … or maybe not, they began to tell us that in Balinese culture and religion it is believed that each of us comes with a purpose to this life. If you follow your purpose, your life will flow and you will feel that everything is easy and in harmony. If you ignore your purpose, you will constantly find yourself with obstacles and complications until you listen to it. After hearing about this tradition, a light bulb went on inside of me and I realized that what they were explaining was exactly what I was questioning myself about at the time.

Therefore, when you are on a paradise island enjoying the holidays and you are happily with your family, suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of a 7-scale earthquake. Your whole environment begins to shake and people screech and run as the structures of the buildings start falling apart. For a moment, you think that everything will end there and you realize how fragile you are. Today you are here, but not tomorrow. Everything we lived through after the earthquake was worthy of a movie script…

From that entire situation and from what we lived after, I reflected a lot for a long time. It had been a shock in every possible way!


So I said to myself, it’s over, deep down I know I’m not doing what my insides ask me to do and I must change.

From there, I decided to leave my stable job as a director in a pharmaceutical company and take time for reflection. I knew that it was not my place to be, but the thing is…

Where was my place? What was my purpose?

Then the real great journey began! The trip inward, the trip back inside, what I call the trip back to my house (kasa).

So here I am, traveling, training and living my purpose. I am traveling and discovering, reminding myself and asking questions every day.

One of the things that has helped me a lot along my way was to continue with my coach and do my Purpose Scan. In the Purpose Scan my purpose appeared,

Someone who did not know me at all was able to explain to me, from the first time she saw me, so many things about myself that I was shocked. Thanks to the result, I have been able to find answers to several of my questions, to get to know me better and really know what my purposes are. Carrying them out now is up to me.

I have also learned that it is not a matter of changing or learning other skills. It is about going back to your essence, to your inner being. You are already born with innate abilities and the only thing that happens is that, along the way, you are forming, or deforming. You are layering your nature until there is a time when you no longer know what your true essence is. Your essence is perfect, it is perfect for you. It’s about being aware and deciding if you want to go back to the origin, to what you really are and not what you have become, or what others expect of you. You do not have to change to be better, you are already the best version of yourself, and you just have to find yourself.

Personally, I continue on this journey of taking off layers and allowing myself to be myself, my true essence every day.

I can also tell you that since I have started my journey, I feel that I am flowing, that I am in the right place, that I am living in the here and now, that things are making sense again and that the puzzle is falling into place. Not everything is rosy, of course. The trip to your interior is a trip with many curves, obstacles, clear days and dark days, insecurities and uncertainties. However, despite everything, you notice that you have to be there, that it is the way, your way!

My purpose, after having formed and having applied the knowledge acquired in myself and in others, is to help you to make this journey of self-knowledge and to seek your purpose. I want to be able to guide you and accompany you inside, to your essence; so that you can recognize your abilities and you take off layers to return to YOUR KASA.

I also accompany companies to return to their Kasa and to let their employees know exactly whom they are and take their place in their work Kasa. We believe that we differentiate our professional life and

Personal one, but we are only one, therefore, your home and your work are one, your only place and there you must be able to be your true essence.

After so many years of experience in the business world, it is a pleasure to be able to contribute from a broader perspective to add value and create a purposeful work environment.


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