Leading from the heart

The social and vital experience of the last months is offering us an enormous opportunity to learn from the fantastic examples of solidarity, collaboration and, above all, love for the human being. We should take advantage of it and reflect on it, which leads me to raise the idea of whether current and future leaders can incorporate the following skills and values in their political management, highlighting that the decisions they make directly affect society:


The human feeling manifested from the contact and understanding of the suffering of another being. Be compassionate with yourself and with others. It would also involve doing things with passion for the other, whether it be for your workers, colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.


Passion for leadership, for the company, for purpose, for people, the product and all stakeholders. Wanting to do things well, from the heart and with the purpose of contributing to society and to our planet.


Freedom of action. Give space, which at the same time means trust. A few months ago, many companies did not want home office work to avoid losing control of their employees, right now, those companies have had to let go of control and trust their workers.


Understand that we are human and that we are all wrong. Try to put yourself in the other’s shoes without taking away your responsibility. Understand that emotions are also present in business and deal with them. Very emotional times are coming and having empathy is what we would also want for ourselves.

Active listening.

Listen to your surroundings in a conscious way. If we want to resolve conflicts, we can offer availability and interest in the other. Not only listening to the words but also the emotions. What our interlocutor and environment really want and need.

Balance between giving and receiving.

Working is an exchange of services and financial compensation. This situation in some cases has become an abuse of power by both the employer and the worker. Now we could reestablish the balance with respect.

Balance between female and male energy.

Some time ago, an article on how female leaders have led this situation and how they have obtained a better result was published. All of us, men and women, integrate these two energies and although in the business world the balance has shifted towards masculine energy, it could be a good time to restore balance.

Healthy limits.

Leading with love does not mean giving everything; it means seeking balance and setting healthy limits for both parties. It is not saying yes to everything and being too permissive, but being clear and consistent.


We are in a period of transformation and now we can decide how we want the new reality to be. We have long complained about old models and in ways that we do not like, but it is entirely in our hands to create the new

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